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WSE comes fully equiped for a one (1) day job, or to stay onsite for up to three (3) weeks  at a time for high volume forest and orchard log to lumber projects (bathroom facilities are required)


WSE onsite service rate is $125/hr which is very competative compared to taking your logs to the woodmizer facility in Califorinia north of Sacramento , their rate is $150 per hour. WSE does not charge trip fees.


-I have traveled the West Coast operating the computerized Acuset Woodmizer sawmill since 2004 and cary all the equipment needed to increase your jobs production. I can produce 20%-30% more lumber, with the Acuset System (because I do not walk back and forth all day long) and the acuset can mill logs up to 20.4 feet long and 34” diameter


- The Band Saw mill poduction rate is between 350 bf and 500 bf per hour will icrease based upon the labor the client provide for moving logs and offloading the lumber. Please note: it takes longer to mill logs over 28" in diameter.

The rate is  $125 an hour within 100 miles of Klamath Falls, OR.


- WSE does not charge travel costs anywhere within 400 miles of Klamath falls, Oregon.

         •Call for more information about travel costs accumulated outside of the 400 mile radus above.


- I have operated the Alaskan Mill since 1980, and understand how to get the best quality of grain for your slab production.


- The Alaskan Mill is $125 an hour. The Client provides the labor:

                     •  For handling the helper handle of the chainsaw mill for cutting

               • In moving the slabs for stacking.

               • We need at least 3 feet in clearance for milling workspace

                      • after slabs are cut, they must be moved away from the milling zone, for safety reasons.


- WSE requires an 8 hour minimum, unless there is more work in your immediate area (A minimum of 4 hour availability) we would be happy to accomodate smaller jobs. Please call for furthur information.


-There is a $20 resharpening fee per band saw blade or for damaged blades.


- For the Chainsaw Mill, there is a $35 dollar blade damage fee, if chain is broken due to hitting metal




-A minimum of a 40 feet radius is needed for the pickup truck and sawmill set up. There needs to be ample space for equipment to be turned around to exit your property safely.


 Disclaimer- The client is responsible for all parts and labor to repair the bandsaw, if the machine is damaged on the Client's property.


I am available for a job site consultation at a 2 hour minimum rate, which will go back into any service contract when you hire my services.

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WSE contracts for Government Agencies, along with Residential, Orchards and Forest service.